This week there aren’t a new update about #InvisibibleX alpha game. Does mean I give up the game? Or my promise about doing an update every 15 days? In this 8 years since my last time I touched the project was builded in Unreal Engine 4.9 at 31 August 2015 and now I have been so much problems cooking the game.

So I went to update to last version of UE4. The reason is easy. I have not a powerful computer and since my studies of degree in Animation and video games We only used Unity 3D and Maya.

I’m not ashamed don’t have a gamer computer  (and not good level of English in writting too but practise with this devlogs help me a lot 😉 ).

When you get older you must to pay bills and other urgents things in your life.

In this point I updated Unreal Engine 4.9 at 4.26 and thanks in advance to @gomodev and @nirnaeth youtube tutorials that was useful!

But in computer science If something works don’t touch it! But I lost a lot time rebuilding, fixing problems. Don’t worry this help me because I was every day doing something. 

If have been reading so far this devpost thanks. I’m a little boomer and this was my first  thread in Twitter too. If you want to support my proyect you can donate or buy my alpha version and help me to get 100€ to put in Steam’s Early Access.

I hope you have a nice day. ^_^_b

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